General System Control Settings


Tabs:  General, Security, Licensing, Miscellaneous

Use this routine to specify the global settings used throughout your STORIS system.

Most of the options on this screen are activated by your STORIS representative or with the assistance of STORIS during the installation and implementation process.

Some system control file fields are accessible by STORIS personnel only.

Log files are active and retained for a period of 5 days until automatically turned off by Generate Daily Reports (End of Day process) and purged. This amount of time can be manually changed only by STORIS. There is no setting displayed for this function.


Terminal Mode Screen Title

Report Displayed/Print Title

Font for PDF Reports

Default Company Number

Home Currency

Report Retention Days

Include Legend on Reports

Print Company Header

On-The-Fly Maintenance

EOD Completion Email Address

File Save with Scheduled EOD

File Save Storage Device

Eject Tape on AIX Server

Maximum Scheduled Processes

Auto Start Process Scheduler Phantom

Auto Start WMS Phantom

Additional "Logto" Account Name

Service (SaaS) Time Zone

Ignore Daylight Savings

Offset Cloud Server by ____ Hours


System Admin ID

User ID at Login

Extended Security  

Use Active Directory Authentication

Report Builder Security

Complex Passwords

Password Expires After   Days

Menu Timeout After  

Report Error Messages

Login Timeout After

Report Error Messages

Timeout Notification

Database Encryption Settings

The default for these encryption settings is checked. The following encryption settings can only be changed if you have permission via your user/user group system security setting, "Modify General System Control Settings data encryption". After each option is checked or unchecked a user security login request is shown. The user must enter their User ID and password, or obtain an override from another user with permission to proceed. If you uncheck any of the boxes for these settings, the encrypted data is converted to decrypted and vice versa, via a phantom process (SYS.ENCRYPT.DECRYPT.PTM). Note: The process of encrypting/decrypting data can take a significant amount of time. It is recommended that if this process is required, you run it when there are no other users on the system.

Encrypt Credit Application

Encrypt Credit Scores

Encrypt Date of Birth

Encrypt Driver's License Numbers

Encrypt Social Security Numbers


Document Archive Mask PII


STORIS sets the following display-only fields automatically during the licensing setup. They display here for informational purposes and cannot be edited on this screen.  

Licensed Client ID

Licensing Expires

Licensed Users

AWM Sites

AWM Putaway Sites

WMS Sites

Barcode Sites


Multi-Company Processing  

Regional Processing  


Customer Lookup

Inter-Region Stock Transfers

Inter-Region Auto-Transfers

Product Use/Lookup

Product IDs Starting with Zero

Only Complete Product on Ship Ticket

'Alternate' English same as 'English'

Skip EDI Data Encryption

Use Expanded Customer Address

 Regional restriction by district or region is not available to Cloud (SaaS) users. However, Cloud users can use the location restriction feature to apply security restrictions, and regional/district pricing is available as well.

Important Use the following fields when setting up the connection to the communications server. STORIS highly recommends you make use of the communications server.  The "Comm" server resides in between your PC workstations and the STORIS server.  That is, users connect to the communications server, which in turn connects to the STORIS server on the users' behalf.  You can set up one or both of the following paths on the communications server.

   Activating the Comm Server Redirection path
      - helps protect your data in the event of a network failure, and
      - assists in PCI compliance.

   Enabling the Deployment Server path
      - provides more control in deployment functions (for example, allows access to automatic SCI and Help updates).

URL and Server Paths

The following four fields each contain a TEST button that you can use once a path has been indicated. Use the TEST button to test the communication between STORIS and the path indicated.

File Redirect, Redirect button

SCiX AU Deployment, Deployment button

Bassett XML Catalog, XML Catalog button

End of Day AIX Back Up, AIX Backup button

Import Spreadsheet Data Tokens

Column Calculation Indicator

Clear Data/Field Indicator

Multiple Value Indicator

Days Retain Import Errors