Individual Zip Codes


Support Files: Sales Tax, Route Code, Country, and Warehouse Location.

Tabs:  General, Regional Settings

Use this routine to specify delivery information for a zip code. You can specify multiple delivery or service route codes for a ship location. Use the Individual Zip Code file to:

You can also specify routes codes by region. For example, if you have two shipping destinations within the same zip code that receive deliveries from separate locations and separate trucks, you can create two regions within the zip code and build your delivery codes that way.  

New zip codes that have been built on-the-fly list on the End-of-Day report. This allows review by the manager to ensure the normal ship location and tax codes are properly set.

To update a range of zip codes at one time, use the Update Zip Code Settings.  


Zip or Postal Code




Normal Ship Location

Delivery Route Code

Delivery Stop Time

Transfer Route Code

Service Route Code

 Additional Tax Code

Regional Settings

Use this tab to enter regional information for ship location and route codes. Regional Processing does not have to be active to edit these fields. The values you enter on this tab override the values entered on the General tab for the same zip or postal code. If you enter a region on this tab and leave some fields blank, the blank field value overrides any value entered in the similar field on the General tab.


Delivery Route Code

Transfer Route Code

Service Route Code