Regional Processing Overview

Use the Regional Processing feature to

 Regional Processing restriction by district or region is not available to Cloud users. However, Cloud users can use the location restriction feature to apply security restrictions, and regional/district pricing is available as well.  

To segregate sales information, use the District Settings. To segregate inventory information, use the Region Settings. You can use one or both. For example, you can set up sales districts of stores in the north and south of the state, and an inventory region of all warehouses in the entire state.

 You can apply location restrictions even if Regional Processing is not active on your system.  

Setting Up Regional Processing

First, you create regions and/or districts via the Region Settings and District Settings routines, respectively. Regions and districts are geographically associated with the zip code you enter for each. During this process, you assign the stores and warehouses you want to include in each region/district.

After you establish your sales districts and/or inventory regions, you can view sales and inventory information by district and region using STORIS' various reports and inquiries. You can also set selling prices by district and calculate landed costs by region using the Vendor and Product regional subsidiary routines.

In addition to organizing data along geographical lines, Regional Processing allows you to restrict access to data along geographical lines. For example, you can allow employees to access data in their own region/district only, while restricting them from accessing data associated with regions or districts outside their own.

Activating Regional Processing

The Advanced Settings tab in the General System Control Settings includes the following fields you use to activate Regional Processing.

This setting overrides all inter-regional transfers - even if the user has full and unrestricted access. This setting also overrides situations where the user has list access to locations in multiple regions and attempts to create inter-regional transfers.

Applying Regional Restrictions to Employees

The Location Restrictions tab in the Create a User file and Create a User Group files allows you to apply regional restrictions to employees and employee groups.  Note that you can also restrict user access to sales information via the View All Sales Information field in the Extended Security (Sales) settings.

Regional Processing and Access to Customer Records

The Regional Processing feature can be used to restrict user access to customer data by region and district. To activate this feature, check the box at both the Regional Processing and Restrict Customer Lookup fields on the Advanced Settings tab of the General System Control Settings.

If the Regional Processing and Restrict Customer Lookup fields are both checked, restriction to customer records is determined by the settings on the Location Restrictions tab in the User file. The User file provides the ability to restrict access to four general areas of the STORIS system:

For any one or more of the above areas, you can apply regional restrictions to customer access in the following ways:

You can override regional restrictions to a customer record if you know the customer number.