Create a User Group


Tabs:  General, Access

Support Files: None.

Use this file to classify STORIS users into groups for the purpose of applying security restrictions to selected routines in STORIS. For example, you may not want your salespeople to access the same routines as your bookkeeper. You can create a user group for salespeople that grants them access to only the routines they need to perform their jobs.

The User Group file works with the User file to establish menu security. Note that all STORIS users must be assigned a user group via the Type field in the User file.

Use the Assign Screen Action Permission routine to restrict user access to specific functions found on Actions button menus.  Users can specify which actions for particular programs the user group can and cannot access.  

User Group ID



Menu Timeout Active

File Security Groups

Field Security Codes

Reset User Members

Language Code

Allow Logon Passthrough

Default at Login

Enable Signature Capture

Maximum number of concurrent sessions


Use the fields on this tab to apply location restrictions to the current user group. In this way, you can prevent certain user groups from accessing data from selected locations.

You can create a list of locations via the Location List field in Create a User and restrict the users to those locations. Or you can restrict the user group to a combination of regions, districts, and log-on locations via the four multiple selection prompts on this screen. Note that for users on whom you place restrictions, STORIS recommends you assign each user to a single setting across the board (for example, Log-on Location).

 To access this tab, Regional Processing must be active in the General System Control Settings.


To access the fields below, Regional Processing must be active in your system. After you set your preferences, Regional Processing must remain active for the system to enforce regional restrictions.


Restrict Entry

Location List

Restrict Inquiry


Restrict Entry

Restrict Inquiry