User Log In Screen

This security screen appears after you enter a valid Login ID and password at the System Log-In Form, the first screen that appears each time you attempt to access STORIS. Then, depending on how your system is set up, you must enter a response at one or more fields on this screen before you can proceed to the STORIS Main Menu. However, this screen does not appear during logon if the Allow Logon Passthrough field is enabled in the User settings for the logon user.

 If you cannot access the User Log In screen, contact your system administrator who maintains your Login ID and password. For more information on Server IDs, see the Help on the O/S Logon field in the Create a User settings.

If you have permission to access Recover STORIS Licenses and no licenses are available when logging in, a message appears with the option to free up a license via the Recover STORIS Licenses process. Otherwise, you are logged out.

The following security fields in the General System Control Settings affect this screen:

Passwords are case-sensitive.

User ID



Set as Default Location   

Cash Drawer

Update Print Settings

Payment Terminal

Enable Signature Capture

When you have entered valid responses to all required fields on the screen, the Log In button becomes active. The buttons, when active, perform the following functions: