Recover STORIS Licenses


Use this routine to display information about current SCiX sessions as well as to logoff a user. Phantom processes and companion product users (eSTORIS, etc.) are not shown. Once logged off, the user's session is not counted toward the STORIS license limit. Once a license is released, that user can continue processing until a point is reached where a session timeout is allowed, such as a key field or the STORIS menu. This routine can only be accessed by a user with permission assigned in the Recover STORIS Licenses setting located in Create a User/Group Actions - System Security; there is no security override option.

Upon accessing this screen, the terminal records are validated and the grid is populated. The display-only fields, STORIS Licenses Consumed and STORIS Licenses Available, show the number of licenses currently being used and the total number available, respectively. Because this process does not show phantom processes or companion product users, the number of lines in the grid may not equal the number of available licenses.

Logoff a user by clicking the associated logoff button within the grid. Click the Refresh button to repopulate the grid with the updated results. Released sessions are removed from the grid. The user currently accessing this process is not shown in the grid.

If you have permission to access this process and no licenses are available when logging in, a message appears with the option to free up a license via the Recover STORIS Licenses process. Otherwise, you are logged out.

This process is especially useful in managing SCiX sessions if you have one STORIS license per store.