Create a User/Group Actions - System Security


Use this screen to establish extended security for the User and/or User Group files. In order to use these security settings, extended security must be active on your system via the General System Control Settings.

Important! The settings shown in this topic can be accessed from both the Create a User and Create a User Group routines. The field labels and descriptions are the same regardless of which routine you used to access the settings. Settings accessed from the Create a User Group routine apply to all users in that group, while settings accessed via Create a User apply to the individual user.


Allow a User To:

Access ECL command line mode

Add programs to a Dynamic Escape screen listing

Assign Screen Action Permissions

Change Taxable Settings

Edit Personal Report Viewer Corporate Views

Edit automated general ledger postings

Logout of STORIS on Switch User

Merge Duplicate Customer Accounts

Modify General System Control Settings data encryption

Purge secured/encrypted data

Recover STORIS Licenses

Run the Daily Reports (EOD) process

Run the Monthly Reports (EOM) process

View and access product cost information