Create a User/Group Actions - Personal Information Security


Use this screen to establish extended security for the User and/or User Group. In order to use these security settings, extended security must be active on your system via the General System Control Settings.

Important! The settings shown in this topic can be accessed from both the Create a User and Create a User Group routines. The field labels and descriptions are the same regardless of which routine you used to access the settings. Settings accessed from the Create a User Group routine apply to all users in that group, while settings accessed via Create a User apply to the individual user.


Allow a User To:

Access employee credit applications and score reporting

Settings Listed Below

For each category listed below, options are offered for viewing, reporting, document printing, and exporting. If an option is checked, the user or group of users are permitted to view the information unmasked.

  1. Date of Birth

  2. Driver License Number

  3. Social Security Number

View (date of birth/driver license/social security) information on documents exported to user’s workstation

View (date of birth/driver license/social security) information on printed documents

View date of birth information on reports

View date of birth information on screens

The ability to control masking on archived documents is via the Document Archive Mask PII checkbox in General System Control Settings.