Generate Daily Reports

(End of Day Processing)


Use this process to update daily activity information and generate a sequence of reports for each STORIS module active on your system.

STORIS recommends you run this process each day. Based on your response to the Process Start Time field below, you can run this routine manually or automatically at a scheduled time. Because users must be logged off the system when this process is run, STORIS recommends using a start time of late in the evening or early morning when no one will be using the system. You may send Day-Ending reports to a "hold" file so you can view and/or print them the following morning. You can print or review Day-Ending reports using the Review Print Jobs program.

You can run the routine multiple times in a single day. Regardless, the program processes all data entered since the last time you ran the process. If for some reason this process does not successfully complete, an error message appears the next time you run the process. You have the option to resume at the leave-off point or abort.

If you are not a Cloud client, have Regional Processing active, and your printer is set to Local (via the Document Destination field in the User Print Settings), you cannot run the EOD process. However, if you are a Cloud client using Regional Processing and are set to print locally, you can run the EOD process.

Not all STORIS systems receive all reports available. Reports produced during Day-Ending processing vary according to the active modules on your system and the settings in the account control files. Click here for a complete list of the reports available. Contact a STORIS representative for more detail.

STORIS provides the option to run processes of your choice as part of the End-of-Day process. For more information, contact STORIS.

Locked customer records skipped during Generate Monthly Reports are processed at next Generate Daily Reports.

Important! The length of time the process takes to run varies among systems depending on which modules are active and the amount of data being processed. If the Day-Ending process does not complete, or if you suspect problems with the process, contact a STORIS representative. Do not access the system until the Day-Ending process completes.

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