Directed Putaway Processing Overview


Important The Directed Putaway feature is available for purchase as a companion application and can only be used in conjunction with the AWM companion application. Please contact STORIS Sales for more information.

Directed Putaway can be used in location-tracked warehouses and stores to automatically determine where to place merchandise that is: 1) to be received from purchase orders, 2) coming in from transfers, or 3) temporarily located in receiving locations. Product and storage location settings for height, width, depth, and velocity are used to determine the best storage location for placement of merchandise based on the established rules.

During the creation of a putaway plan, the system assigns destination storage locations and quantities to merchandise selected for putaway processing. Storage location assignments and quantities can be overridden by users with the proper extended security. Following putaway planning, users can be assigned to putaway tasks via the Create an AWM Schedule process and putaway tasks performed via RF scanning or manually.    


General System Control Settings - License and Security, Companion Applications tabs - Directed Putaway is available for purchase as a companion application; AWM must be active in order to use Directed Putaway.  Contact STORIS for more information.

Inventory Control Settings - Additional Settings tab

Bar Code Control Settings - Warehouse Management tab

Warehouse/Store Location Settings - Barcode tab

Advanced Product Settings - Settings tab

Default Product Settings - Velocity field

Storage Category Settings

Velocity Settings

Warehouse Inventory Settings - Velocity, Storage Category fields

Tracked Storage Location Settings - Putaway settings

Create a User/Group Actions - Logistics Security

Putaway Assignment and Processing

Plan Directed Putaway Assignments

Create an AWM Schedule - Putaway field

RF Scanning

RF Scanner Process - If directed putaway is active at the warehouse location, directed putaway processing is available via RF scanning. When there are active putaway assignments for a location, the user is directed to specific bins to pick up the merchandise and then directed to put the merchandise away in the assigned storage location.


Putaway Assignment Report - Print grid information on Plan Directed Putaway Assignments screen.  

Report Putaway Exceptions by User - Report exceptions created when merchandise is not placed in system-assigned storage locations, does not fit, or cannot be assigned due to missing dimensions.

Report and Optimize Product to Storage Velocity - Identify products whose velocity or storage category does not match the velocity or storage category of the storage location where they are currently placed.