Product Type Codes

The following is a description of the options at the Product Type field in the Product Settings.

- service contracts

- special-handling charges

- fabric treatments

The system does not maintain inventory counts for non-inventory products.

Non-inventory products cannot be assigned to foreign vendors. If the Home Currency field in General System Control Settings is set to a country other than the domestic country, an error is received when creating a non-inventory product.

- you normally keep a high inventory volume, and

- you don't need to distinguish individually in inventory, for example certain "peripheral" items such as bed frames.

When you designate a product as Bulk and receive one or more into inventory, the system assigns a PIN/Reference number (that is, piece-inventory/reference number) to the received quantity for each storage location to which you assign pieces. For example, if you receive 500 bed rails and you assign half to storage location 1A and half to storage location 1B, the system assigns one PIN number to the items in 1A and another PIN number to the items in 1B. As you add or remove pieces from the individual storage locations, the lot quantities increase or decrease accordingly.

Bulk pieces

    - can have a bar code number.  

cannot be as-is, special-ordered, or serial-tracked.

    - cost-out at the exact cost based on FIFO costing layers.   

The system assigns the Special-Order (temporary) type to all new products you create on-the-fly through order processing. Note that the Purge Special Order & Obsolete Products routine purges special order (temporary) products. Therefore, if you end up stocking the item, we suggest you change the product type code to Inventory.