Schedule a Process


Use this routine to schedule STORIS processes to run automatically at user-defined dates and times. You can schedule processes to

Important:  This process allows you to send process results via email to selected users. STORIS recommends that prior to scheduling processes, you ensure your settings do not cause the process to distribute sensitive data to undesired users.

This process allows you to schedule processes to run as phantoms at scheduled times. In order for the scheduled processes to execute, the Process Scheduler phantom must be launched. See the Start Scheduler Phantom field in General System Control Settings.

To specify run-time options for a scheduled process, click on the Actions button and select Enter Process Preferences from the menu that appears. You can specify preferences (via the Actions button) for the View Summary of Sales Activity process and for the Convert Comment Files process. However, security restrictions may prevent certain users from accessing the preferences window. In addition, restriction rules apply to the data available for view, such as costing data, by specific users or user groups. Refer to Create a User and Create a User Group location restrictions and security settings.






Run as User

Send Output To