Notifications Control Settings


Tabs: Email Configuration, Event Email ELP Form Selection

Use this routine to specify your email preferences. In addition to the STORIS document server, you have the option to set up a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email provider such as Yahoo! Mail or Gmail.

If you choose to use a SMTP provider, you may need to contact your provider directly to obtain the data to populate the fields Email Server section below. Contact STORIS support for guidance in completing this screen.

Settings on this screen are required in order to Schedule a Process. Not all processes are available to multi-tenancy Cloud users. For detail, see individual process selections in Schedule a Process.

Email Configuration


STORIS Server Can Send Emails

Update Customer Email Address

Email Server

IP Address


User Name

User Password

Enable SSL

Notifications Server

Web Service URI

Wait For Server Response

Milliseconds To Wait For Response

"From" Email Address

Event Email ELP Form Selection

Use the grid on this tab to select an ELP form and Email Method for the event types listed. The Event rows in the grid are populated by STORIS; you cannot add your own events.