Shipping Information Window - Order Entry


Use this window to edit shipping address information when entering a Sales Order, Return, Exchange, or Service Order.

This window automatically displays when you click Save on the Payment page of sales orders and exchanges if the Confirm Address on Orders and Exchanges setting on the Customer page of Point of Sale Control Settings is enabled. This applies to new delivery orders and the first time a line is changed to delivery on new and existing orders.

To select an existing ship-to address (if any) for the selected customer, use the To field in the Customer Order Information Screen.

If an email address is added or changed when the Warn if Primary Email exists for other Customers setting in the Customer page of Point of Sale Control Settings is checked, the new email address is checked to determine if it has been assigned to any other customer account as a primary email address. If the email address already exists, a warning message appears that can be dismissed.


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