Import Data


Use this routine to convert your data to the STORIS format when you first begin using STORIS. You convert data file-by-file (for example, Vendor file then Product file). Your current account name appears at the top of the screen. You can convert data only into the account you are currently running. If you have already loaded your initial data, check with STORIS before running this process again.

Important! Consult with your STORIS representative before running this routine. Running this routine improperly can damage your data files.

If you are already LIVE on the STORIS system, check with STORIS before running any data conversions in your LIVE account.

Click the following links for additional information on entering data, specific imports, error reporting, and additional conversions.

Entering Data into the Worksheet

Notes on Specific Imports

Error Report

Additional Conversion/Import Spreadsheets

Running the Import Data Routine

Conversion File

Data File Name

PO Header File Name, PO Detail File Name

RR Header File Name, RR Detail File Name

INV Header File Name, INV Detail File Name

SO Header File Name, SO Detail File Name

Order Header File Name, Order Detail File Name

Sample Amount

Authorized to Run Live