Request Credit Information


Use this routine to enter a request for credit for a customer. This is the first step in entering a credit application. Once you enter the credit request information on this screen, the routine continues to the Credit Application Entry screens, where you complete the credit application process.

Once you specify the selling store below, you can use either the Social Security # field or the Customer Code field to select a customer.  Once you specify a customer, the program pulls the customer's information from Customer Settings and displays it on the screen. To edit the customer's information, click on the Actions button at the bottom of the screen and select Customer Maintenance.  

The system then checks for pending or completed credit requests for the customer. If a previous request is found, a message appears indicating the status of the last credit request for the customer for the indicated credit bureau.

If an existing application is found to be "current" (determined by your Credit Application Control Settings), you are prevented from clicking the Next button and creating a new application. You must click the Actions button and select Credit Application Maintenance, which opens the Credit Application Entry process.

If a new application is needed, you can proceed to the Credit Application Entry process via the Next button once you have completed the necessary fields on this screen.

Use Configure Document Signature Capture and Configure Document Archive to establish parameters for capturing electronic signatures and business document archiving, respectively. If these features are enabled and the appropriate signature capture hardware exists, the signature capture ceremony is launched and this signed business document is archived.

Selling Store

Social Security #

The field name "Social Security #" displays when processing with the United States as your "home" country, or  "Social Insurance #" when processing with Canada as your domestic country.  


Full Name, Address 1, Address 2, City/Town, State/Province, Zip Code/Postal Code


Credit Bureau

Marketing Code 1

Code 2

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