Twilight Inventory Adjustments

(Twilight Inventory)


Tabs:  Add to Twilight, Remove from Twilight, Twilight Maintenance  

Use this routine to add products to Twilight status or maintain products that have been moved to Twilight status. You can also use this routine to change the start date of a Twilight item.

 This routine is available only to users authorized via the Adjust Inventory Quantities within Stock Adjustment Entry field in the Extended Security Settings file.  For WMS locations, users must be authorized via the Adjust Inventory for Locations When WMS is Active field in the User file, and the system restricts inter-warehouse transfers if the receiving location is a WMS location.



Vendor Model

Twilight Date

Twilight Comment

After you enter a twilight comment, the remaining fields fill with data for the selected product. To access the Remove From Twilight or the Twilight Maintenance tabs, the selected product must include at least one Twilight product. If you cannot access any of the tabs, you can use the Add to Twilight tab to move a product to Twilight status.

Add To Twilight Tab

Adjustment Quantity

If the system finds available quantity, the Serial Number Entry window appears when you click on Save. Enter the serial number of the piece you want to move to Twilight status. If you click on the Action button, a list of available items appears with associated serial numbers. Click in the box next to a piece and click on OK.

After you successfully move a piece to Twilight status, the Inventory Label Print window appears from which you can print bar code labels for the piece. Or, you can click Exit to return to the main screen.

Remove From Twilight Tab

Serial/Reference Number

Current Storage Location

Move To

Twilight Maintenance Tab

Serial/Reference Number

Twilight As-Is Date

Twilight As-Is Selling Price

Twilight As-Is Comment