Product Settings


Support Files: Product Group, Vendor, Brand, Commission Matrix and Collection.

Tabs: General, User Defined Settings


You can create product records using either this routine or the Advanced Product Settings program. The Product Settings routine is a simpler version of the Advanced Product Settings, allowing you to create the initial "skeleton" of the product, then use the Advanced Product Settings program to add additional information later. However, for most products, the Product Settings entry method is sufficient.

A counter next to the Product field indicates a product list is currently active. The counter indicates which record in the list is currently being edited and the total number of records in the list.  




Second Description

Inventory Type

Brand Name

Vendor Code

Vendor Model

Product Group

Replacement Cost

Average Cost

Selling Price

Suggested Retail Price

Commission Category

Style Code



Product Type Code

Serial Tracked

Special Ordered

PO From Order Entry

WMS Group

 The paper clip icon appears on the button bar next to the Actions button. If this icon is active on a tab , it indicates a file attachment exists for the selected tab or for an item in the order related to the selected tab (for example, a customer or product). If the icon is dimmed, no attachments exist.

User Defined Settings

Use this tab to enter additional information for the current product. The active prompts that you defined via User Defined Settings are displayed in the first column of the grid on this screen. In the second column, you can enter responses to any of the prompts listed. In the third column, if there are predefined responses you can click the Select button to specify your response.

You can also use this screen to edit a response. Entries on this screen are for information only; no processing occurs based on this information.