Multi-Company Processing Overview

Use STORIS' Multi-Company Processing feature if you use multiple corporations in your system.  Multi-Company Processing segregates transactions by company in both the data processing and data reporting functions.

Once you activate this feature, all multi-company processing and reporting occurs automatically.  The system handles transactions using the following steps:

  1. Activity takes place that requires posting to a General Ledger account.

  2. The system checks the cost center element (LL) of the GL account to identify the cost center to which it is linked.

  3. The system checks the warehouse location’s (cost center) associated Company field to identify the company to which the warehouse belongs (CC).

  4. The system posts data to the appropriate company’s GL accounts.

Before setting up any Multi-Company Processing options, we recommend you work with your project coordinator and your accountant to ensure you set the options properly.  Consider the following:

Account Structure

Using the standard three-element account structure, the following table illustrates your General Ledger account structure when using Multi-Company Processing:






Company Element (defined in the Company File)


Root (defined in the General Ledger Assigned Account Settings)


Cost Center (defined in the Warehouse Location file)


Use the following STORIS files to set up Multi-Company Processing:


The following are brief descriptions of the STORIS routines you use to set up your system for Multi-Company Processing:

General System Control Settings

GL Account Settings

Use this routine to create your account numbers.  You create account numbers using the following hierarchy of account elements:

 The use of sub-accounts is optional via the Use Sub-Accounts field in the General Ledger Control settings.

The entry of account numbers is dynamically based on the elements and their prompt names as established in the General Ledger Control Settings.

General Ledger Assigned Account Settings

Once you create your account numbers in the GL Account Settings, use this routine to designate the account number to your various processes.  The Multi-Company tab contains two fields used by Multi-Company Processing for transactions involving money transfers between multiple companies.

 You cannot wild card these accounts for location. They always use the system default.

Payables Control Settings

Company Settings

STORIS requires you create a company record for each company you use within a multi-company operation. Use this file to create the required records.

Bank Settings

You must create a bank record for each bank you use in the system, and you must assign a company to each bank in your system.  To assign a company, use the Company Number field.   

Warehouse/Store Location Settings

This file contains two fields used in Multi-Company Processing.