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Enter a Return


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Use this process to enter customer merchandise returns and customer refunds. This topic describes the "entry" version of this routine, but you can use it to find descriptions of the screen contents. If you are accessing this Help topic via the "read-only" version of this routine, you cannot edit any fields in a read-only routine.

 To enter exchanges, use the Enter an Exchange routine.

Returns do not hit the general ledger until completion.  Even though the refund transaction appears in the Order Comments file on the date of entry, the system does not allow the actual refund of the money until you receive the merchandise back into inventory and complete the return.

All returns post to the selling location except for transactions using STORIS' in-house credit card process (specified at the Settlement Type field in the Electronic Merchant Settings), where returns for credit card transactions post to the operator's log-on location.

When issuing a return, you cannot select a gift certificate payment type via the Payment Summary Window.

For service orders, you cannot return or exchange parts, labor, or charges. However, you can perform dollars-only adjustments on these line items.

If the "Automated and Manual POS Numbers" field on the Miscellaneous tab in Warehouse/Store Location Settings is blank and you enter a completed or voided order number at the Return Number prompt, you have the option of viewing the order in read-only mode. Once you indicate the order number, a message appears stating that the order exists and asks if you want to view it in inquiry mode. You can answer Yes to view the read-only version of the order or you can answer No to reenter the number.

Depending on your permissions set in Point of Sale User Verification on the Advanced page of Point of Sale Control Settings, you may be required to enter your user ID and password in order to create a new order or update and existing one. If required to enter your credentials, a prompt opens after a new or existing order number is entered into the Return Number field.

Return Number

Available Credit

Step 1 - Customer

Basic Information

Fulfillment Method

Original Order




Customer Information

Customer Number

Billing Information

Name, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Work Phone, Extension, Primary Email Address

Address 1, Address 2, City, State Zip

Shipping Information

Name, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Work Phone, Extension, Email Address

Address 1, Address 2, City, State Zip

FulFillment Information

Pickup Information


Return Location


Order Fulfillment Information


Print Detailed Instructions

Contact Information



Business Contact

Step 2 - Merchandise

If the original sales document on which the return is based exists on the system, the Original Order Piece Selection appears listing the products purchased on the original sales order. Use this screen to record the items being returned. The Customer Name, Current Document, and Original Document display. You must select a reason for returning before proceeding with the return.



Quantity Returned

Original Purchase Price

Unit Price

Extended Price

Reason Return Code

Return to As-Is

Click the Cancel link to clear the product entry fields and return to the Line Item Display.

Click the Remove button to delete the entire line item row from the order. A message appears confirming this action. Click "Yes" to proceed with the deletion or click "Cancel" to keep the line item return to the entry process.

After you add the returned-product information to the Line Item Display, the Inventory Selection screen may display in order for you to provide entry of the

    - Quantity of the return product,

    - Reference Number (if applicable),

    - Storage Location (if tracked), and

    - Reason Code (reason for return).  

Step 3 - Payment

Customer Name


Discount Code

Discount Amount

Additional Discounts

Discount Amount

Charges and Fees

Delivery Charge Refund/Pick-Up Charge

Installation Charge Refund/Restocking Fee

Miscellaneous Fees

Sales Tax



Payment Type Code

Total Payment Amount

Issue Refund Check


Payment Type Code

Total Financed Amount


Merchandise Subtotal  


Charges and Fees

Net Total


Refund Due  

Ticket Print

Print Pickup Ticket


Complete Customer Return